About Taisuco

As we all know, we only have one earth. Being an enterprise with its roots on a beautiful island—Taiwan, Taisuco has always been the industry leader in environmental protection issues.
With vast expanses of land and over seven decades of experience in agricultural business, Taisuco has focused on sugar production and refinery and pig farming as its core businesses and later has extended its operations into orchid growing and exporting. Our orchid business operations are scattered in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In recent years, Taisuco has also diversified its business such as land development, leisure business, petroleum business, biotechnology business, marketing, and hypermarket business. Taisuco has become a diversified corporation over the years.
As a state-owned company, we are fully aware of our corporate social responsibility (CSR). Taisuco has a comprehensive CSR plan and sustainable management strategies. We will always strive to be the benchmarking enterprise in the industry. Being green and environment-friendly will continue to stay in the Taisuco DNA.